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Video Content Marketing: Turning Footage Into Multiple Videos

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Have you ever noticed that some videos just don’t get you? When I notice that, it annoys the crap out of me. I wrote recently about video audience. Today I will be looking at a few simple ways to create video content that emphasizes certain elements (that appeal to certain people) more than others – so your audience can feel like you get them.

Video Content Marketing

Be Relatable

Make your video content relatable. The problem is this: who’s relating to it? Knowing your audience is the fist line of defense against missing the mark here, but that’s just step one. For your next step, determine what would have these people feel understood??

What would go into the relatability of your video? References to childhood games of the target audience? Shots of places that are familiar to the audience? Graphic effects that are more appealing to a certain audience? These are the starting places of being relatable. In fact, it’s happening right now. I have to know that you even care about “video content marketing” to know that this post would be any good. I should also know that you may or may not think a hashtag like #VideoMarketing makes sense or is worthwhile in video content marketing. (We can discuss this later.)

When it comes to content, never surrender to using what’s popular to “the” audience. It’s a big mistake to assume that what appeals to one audience just is appealing. People listen from distinct places – tired, energized, late, early, old, young, too this, too that. The question to ask is: “What is most important to them?” Be relatable through your words, images, and sounds to touch directly on what is important to your audience.

We recently created two videos for a client from the same footage. Both videos showcased the same product, the same service, the same people. The flavor of each video was skewed toward qualities we felt each audience valued particularly. The first video was 90 seconds, focused on shorter soundbites, and moved at a pace that was more geared toward institutions with a “bottom line it for me” demeanor.

The second video targets families of the potential clients. This video runs closer to 3 minutes in length and allowed for fewer (and longer) video clips. The extra time allows the audience to get to know the individuals on-screen as well as the positive effects that the service has had on these individuals. For someone trying to choose what’s best for their family member by way of differentiators from the competition, it is appropriate to spend more time relating to their concerns for their family than the “bottom line” – even if the institutional decision-maker has a family. It’s all in the context of what is decisive.

Be Succinct

Keep your point brief – but what is your point? And do you think the point you’re making is completely accurate, complete, and compelling – and is still being ignored or dismissed? Even when you are clear about your point your audience may not understand why they should be interested.

Being succinct may be more simple for one audience than another. Does your audience prefer strict details or broad generalities? This may determine the length of your videos. For example, you can create video content marketing campaigns that target both parents and kids. Each has different attention spans and interests. Consequently, each cut should be different for each audience. Given the importance of video in marketing, the length of a video becomes critically important in the long run relationship with clients.

Create a Storyline

Do you have a coherent storyline? Says who?

The way clips work together is as imperative as the selection the clips. It’s the difference between telling someone about a story and the other person reading the story. You want the viewer to feel like they could tell the story themselves. A story is a ground-level way to convey an idea – including how to have your exciting new product launch show up as an asset to your viewer!

Even the best idea still needs a way to get across to your audience. Create a storyline in which your idea can easily get through to your audience. Here’s an example:

If your idea is “our product is perfect for people like your brother,” you might package the idea inside a story about a person’s relationship with their brother. When the brother receives the product and shows thrill and affection, the viewer can infer that whatever happened (in the story) was a favorable result from knowing the value of the product.

Know who you are talking to, and know how they best pay attention to and interpret the videos in front of them. When your target audience views the videos at night, they may be less (or more) responsive than they would be at 1:00 PM. Even if the content is impeccable, the storyline may be more difficult to track for various reasons. Be sensitive to the difficulties that your audience deals with, and provide some consolation for those things through your video content.

Know the Platform

Know how (where, when, in what way) your video gets viewed. Is your target audience fond of mobile phone video, or are they desktop purists? Knowing the way your audience prefers to consume their video can determine the way you cut the same footage. Are you constructing a video for a 22-year old college senior getting ready to enter the workforce or a 62-year old mother considering retirement? Your video can either convenience their life or hinder it. Be certain that the format you are cutting for is a fit for your audience(s).
What are some of your experiences in cutting a video for multiple audiences? Have you crushed your audience’s expectations, or have you found yourself wondering how even one of these apt videos gets selected and created? Comment below!

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