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Video Content Marketing: Increase Interaction Through Immersion

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You’ve got some great new video(s) to put out on the Interwebs? Great! The leading companies, organizations, and brands on the web use video content in some capacity. The trend now continues to grow past simply producing and posting. Video content marketing is not simply displaying content to be shared. Video content marketing is the use of video to engage and interact with viewers. What kind of interaction can you employ? Let’s look.

Video Content Marketing is a Staple of the Internet

You don’t have to build a complex interactive video to compete for viewers. Simply create a video that is creative, intriguing, and clear to have a winning piece of content. Video content marketing ought to be developed and used as practically as any other form of marketing. The Internet is the home of great videos and audiences are now counting on accessibility to your videos. Package your message and your brand into a video with campaign foresight, not afterthought.

Interaction Through Social Engagement

Social media is the dominant arena for engagement between brands and their followers. Nike topped the charts during the Olympics with their Unlimited You video. Social media sharing played a critical part in this. They have already reached over 100 million viewers and that number continues to grow with every share. The call-to-action at the end of this video encourages interaction beyond the content itself. It calls for the viewer to reach into the places they too could be “unlimited.” This kind of interaction grows brand advocacy at a large-scale and a rapid rate.

Share / Comment / Like

“Sharing” is the boldest statement of support for a brand. It is a way of saying “yes, this is THE piece of content YOU must view.” Sharing identifies brand supporters. Sharing also reflects the interests and views of the folks who share. Your brand benefits by knowing people who share. People who share benefit from knowing you and your message. It’s a solid win/win.

Second in line behind this is “commenting.” Commenting is a way that you can have your say or simply tag a friend to view the video. Commenting can also house Internet “trolls.” Trolls are the people who actively seek out the chance to say bad things about a brand. Trolls have their place when their message is accurate and timely. However, a troll can discourage other users who may otherwise comment as well.

Third (and most common) is “liking” content. Liking a piece of content requires a simple button click. Similarly, Facebook has introduced “reactions,” including “laughter,” “sadness,” and “love.” The process of “liking” and “reacting” works by sharing a viewer’s relationship with the public. A viewer is essentially giving a nod to the brand or content with a “like.” When you “like” something on Facebook, that action can then become a piece of content itself. Your friends can then “like” that you “like” something. Very meta.

Interaction through Immersion

The new direction of video content marketing is going to include a lot more immersion. The video will involve the viewers themselves. This kind of immersion includes Virtual Reality like Oculus Rift and  360° videos as seen below. YouTube cards also call on viewers to interact directly with the video. This kind of interaction allows brands to engage with viewers over a longer period of time. Therefore, viewers and brands both win by learning more about each other at the same time.

How have you used immersion or interaction in your own marketing strategies? Do you see a place for interactive video efforts in the future? Comment below with your own insights.

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