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Video Audience: Get Real.

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Content is king. There, I said it up front, so you weren’t waiting to see if I would blindside you with it later. In integrated marketing, the statement “content is king” holds a lot of water – but not all of the water. You will benefit from getting savvy to timing, location, method, and audience.  These are just some of the factors to consider when creating content and/or building a campaign. Therefore, we will be looking at the importance of determining your video audience as you create that royal content.

Determine Your Video Audience

Start by asking some different questions:

  • Who do I want to know about my product/service?
  • What do I want them to know?
  • Do I know the most critical points for the potential consumer?
  • What is the critical need that is met with your product/service?
  • Who is able to make the decision about purchasing my product/service?
  • What kind of revenue model are you using? (ex. Transaction vs investment vs donation/fundraising)
  • How are those folks related to the value of their dollar, and how are they likely to spend their dollar? (ex. Philanthropic? Practical? Early Adopter? Family oriented? Fulfillment? Improvement? Convenience?)
  • Is there a target age and/or gender demographic? In what manner does that demographic consume video best/easiest/most often?
  • Is there a specific industry or interest that is disposed towards wanting/needing your product service?

We will go deeper into these questions another time, and we can keep listing off examples right here. For now, just use some of these questions to get your “marketing mind” moving. Your video audience will begin to take shape out of your answers.

Here are some other elements to consider employing in your search for your video audience:

Emotional Impact

How do you want your video to impact your viewer emotionally? points to the importance of telling real stories. If we haven’t actually heard every bogus, half-hearted sales pitch yet, we certainly aren’t in a hurry to. Don’t give your viewers one more “line.” Give them the real deal: something useful, something powerful, something relatable.

Emotional impact can vary by audience. Age, gender, occupation, geography, culture, browsing habits, tech-savvy all can play a role in the who’s and how’s of your content.

Example: Someone who had a parent in World War II will likely feel differently about wartime references than someone who grew up with no military personnel in their immediate family. The impact of “patriotic” symbolism may then have to be used to accommodate the prime audience as best as possible.

Ease of Conversion

How easy can it be for the viewer to jump from the video to a website, a mailing list, a sample, or a product/service purchase? YouTube may be the mother lode of video content, but does a YouTube upload help or hinder the buying process? You can quickly add a link to a YouTube video to facilitate a website conversion. This also works if your audience is a fast-paced, on-the-go mobile user. If your audience is not web-savvy you will have an extra challenge in making a conversion accessible. Just keep simplifying

Don’t let good content go to waste by letting the sales cycle with your video audience end with the video. Keep people invested and interested in your brand by making the choice to work with you easy, simple, and smooth.


The folks over at Vidrack write about some ways to identify your audience via analytics and other methods of tracking views and sharing content. This is a smart solution to a broad question: Who is viewing my content? Analytics can be revelatory in nature by encouraging data-driven insight into viewer habits. This is good news for both existing content and subsequent content.


What have you found to be a critical factor in determining your video audience? Share your experience with fellow readers below.

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