The #1 App to Stop Wasteful Communication in your Company

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Organization and workflow can be enough of an issue when everyone is in-office, and the challenge is even more apparent from separate locations.Since we began, the partners/producers here at Lynx have worked remotely from one another. To manage that, we have built our workflow, financial administration, and communication around several core applications, with a focus on transparency (between partners and between Lynx and our clients), efficiency, and clarity. We believe this enhances our customer’s experience of our brand, which is a core tenet of what we create for our clients, and their customer’s experience of their brands. Today we will focus on Slack, the elegant and powerful communication tool that can expedite our projects and minimizes our runaround.


When Lynx partner Michael Ryan first introduced Lynx to Slack, I couldn’t believe it would become such a game-changer.  Mike had first heard about Slack on a Tim Ferris podcast where Tim interviewed hyper-successful entrepreneur and WordPress founder/developer Matt Mullenweg. Mullenweg referred to Slack as a core mechanism of his companies’ communication. Mike’s curiosity about this app was piqued, and upon further exploration, he realized how much Slack would improve all of our internal communication.

  • Slack removes the need for e-mail threads / chains altogether. The topics of conversations are built around individual “channels.”  A user can create a new channel based on a relevant subject, client, project, etc – say “videography” or “Arise Festival.”  Anyone on your team with access to that channel can then discuss at length a preferred video camera to purchase next in the #Videography channel, and in a completely discrete thread, clarify the credentials needed to get each person parked and housed on the festival site in the #AriseFestival channel. (These are real channels and concerns in our Slack, by the way)
  • Slack provides seamless integration with other application that companies use, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Twitter, Github, and dozens more. This integration allows each team member to share content, manage support apps, and monitor and discuss external processes from the driver’s seat of the Slack app itself.
  • Slack is also completely seamless from desktop to mobile. I am noticing how my brain has learned to speak “bilingually” through using Slack, with fluency in mobile conversations on the Slack app on my iPhone as strong as in my desktop (and web-based) Slack app. Our internal e-mail conversations have dropped to nearly nothing (except when looped-in threads between clients), we update each other immediately on new documents and project status through integrated applications, and we can do this effectively – anywhere.

I love Slack because I can keep track of everything we say to each other, we quickly stay on top of any updates to ANY files in our Google Drive, and we can refine and review practically any content and strategy in-house. It has become the heart of all things communication in Lynx, and I can’t recommend it enough for you.

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