Pando Health Resources

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Lynx’s, and Michael Ryan & Lynx have a style that combines creativity with a thorough approach to knowing your business market and goals. They are master craftsmen and generous colleagues who definitely knows the spirit of team-work. It has been a pleasure to work with Mike & Lynx because they are reliable, honest and outcome driven. They have guided us, …

Buddy Hendrickson

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Pepé is the best Audio tech I have ever worked with! As well as that, he is a remarkable audio editor/engineer and excels at making bad recordings sound great. Pepé is also one of the most pleasant people to work with that I know – always helpful, calm, cheerful, and truly cares for the people around him. I have found …

Darrin Zeer

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I have worked with Pepé Litman on many occasions. I cannot recommend his Audio services enough. Pepé is the ultimate professional. He has been in the business for decades & his expertise is most valuable. He has become a friend & ally during my career. If you get a chance to work with him, grab it. He is the Man!

Beyond the Mind Music

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Pepé helped me get a basic recording studio put together 20 years ago, teaching me how to record and navigate my way around a mixing board. In our association I’ve observed Pepé’s genius and exceptional talent. Friends have sometimes joked about his ability to see the future of technology. I wouldn’t choose anyone over Pepé to run sound or record for …