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Digital Media Marketing Means More Than Just a Website

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It’s 2016 – do you know where your web presence is? It would be best found tied between several digital channels – social media, blogging, SEO, paid search, and of course, your website. So take a look – are you still running some archaic HTML site as your exclusive digital presence? Really? Are you exclusively listening to Backstreet Boys singles …

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Website Maintenance: When To Tune-Up Your Website

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We’ve come a long way since the first website. We’ve come ever further since the first icons. I don’t mean Led Zeppelin, I mean computer graphics that directly engage a computer user. And what there is to learn from both is simple: it doesn’t take much to create a form of user interaction, but it does take effort to encourage …

Lynx Looks Forward To Digital Media Boom in 2016

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We are already into the second month of 2016, and we are excited to be expanding and planning on more work for the year in the world of digital media. I frequently share work we have already done for clients, which I’m quite proud of.  What I haven’t shared much of is where we plan to go and grow as …

digital media marketing

Multimedia Production and Integrated Marketing in 2015

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In 2015, our first full year in business, we worked with real estate agencies, non-profit organizations, a music festival, animal specialists, and physicians. Our work to-date has been almost exclusively referral business. We are so grateful to those businesses that have been both repeat clients and advocates of our work. Therefore, I’ll be sharing with you a few selections of the …

Who Should Do My SEO?

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Are you sick of hearing those three letters yet?  SEO (search engine optimization) is in a somewhat revered category when it comes to the mechanics of digital marketing. Sure, SEO provides a refined road map for search engines to comb through your content and easily retrieve the most relevant information depending on the keywords searched for, and yes this is …

How Lynx Came to Be

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It all starts with respect. I’ve worked at Boulder, Colorado’s leading mid-level concert venue, The Fox Theatre for nearly 5 years. In April of 2013, a great friend and coworker passed away before he returned from tour – and we all made a point to hold a memorial concert, to serve as a fundraiser for his daughter, at “The Fox.” …

5 Reasons Why Integrated Solutions Win

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At Lynx, we understand the benefits of offering integrated and customized digital and print media solutions within our firm for each one of our clients.  Today, I want to look at what we mean by “integrated solutions,” and what benefit these integrated solutions offer over multiple selective, or a la carte, solutions. Consistency – By integrating multiple digital media elements from …

Why You Should Care About Responsive Design

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You may have heard this term floating around the Internet: “responsive design.”  You may have even been told once upon a time what it is.  What is certain is this: if you are reading this blog, you have used responsive design today.  Our website uses responsive design to accommodate all of our different viewers and clients, and we have been …

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5 Simple Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Next Event

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From the simplest Q&A to a full-fledged weeklong conference, events that your company puts together to reach new audiences and interact with existing ones are powerful steps forward for your company.  Knowing that the event will be handled is the most critical part of its success, much more than knowing how.  Here are five basic steps to create a great working relationship with your …

Solutions | Web Design

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Exceptional web design, while looking simple, can be deceptively difficult to achieve. It requires creating structure that is usable, pleasing, delivers information, builds brand, is technically sound and is visually coherent. In essence, good web design is finding the balance between form and function.  From a design standpoint, good web design needs to engage the viewer visually and emotionally. It …