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Big data: What do all those numbers mean for business?

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Have you started to notice that what you see on Facebook is getting fairly…predictable? I don’t mean the topics – we’ve all seen some unpredictable stories recently. (Can we put a hold on the number of iconic musicians passing, please?!) I mean the type of post, the people / page’s posting, the frequency of posting, etc. How do we end …

Content marketing

Content Marketing: Never Do These 5 Things

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There are so many “do these things” posts out on the Interwebs. I make them, you’ve probably made them, and Google is full of them. Today I want to caution you about the content marketing activities that people are taking that just make me want to slap my forehead. Content Marketing Faux Pas Just post a video whenever There are …

Live Sound Production

Social Media Engagement Overview

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It’s nearly impossible to avoid Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and the gamut of other social media platforms that vary in popularity these days. Because of this, if you’re not asking about social media, you’re probably answering. And either way – you’re hoping the answers are…RIGHT! Below is an overview of critical elements involved in effective social media engagement, broken into 5 …

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Insights on Client Relations from Monitor World

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For over 3 years, I have had the privilege of being a sound engineer at two of Colorado’s premiere music venues: The Fox Theatre and the Boulder Theater.  Both located in Boulder, Colorado.  I am primarily what’s called a “monitor engineer.”  My job is to ensure that the artist(s) that are performing are able to hear what they need to hear …

Who Should Do My SEO?

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Are you sick of hearing those three letters yet?  SEO (search engine optimization) is in a somewhat revered category when it comes to the mechanics of digital marketing. Sure, SEO provides a refined road map for search engines to comb through your content and easily retrieve the most relevant information depending on the keywords searched for, and yes this is …

The #1 App to Stop Wasteful Communication in your Company

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Organization and workflow can be enough of an issue when everyone is in-office, and the challenge is even more apparent from separate locations.Since we began, the partners/producers here at Lynx have worked remotely from one another. To manage that, we have built our workflow, financial administration, and communication around several core applications, with a focus on transparency (between partners and …

The Brutal Impact of Inconsistent Blogging

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The blog, originally short-hand for “web log” (remember those days??), is currently short-hand for “articles that are ridiculously valuable for both you and your customers.” The blog has become the most popular, and even reliable, method of information consumption in the modern world. This ultimate list by ultimate online resource champions HubSpot points out 12 statistics about the SEO-friendly impact …

“Find Me on Facebook” and 5 Other Things You Can Stop Pretending You Don’t Say

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Hey – do you still feel like a wierdo using social media jargon, like Facebook, Twitter, etc are just “someone else’s thing you just happen to do?” Yeah, you and over a billion other wierdos.  You’re in good company. The stigma is a little outdated, and you can be the first to take a breath about it. Let’s take a look at those …

How did social media get us here?

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Once upon a time, there was GeoCities.  And AngelFire.  And FortuneCity.  And a few other profile-hosting sites in the late 90s that were to become the lasting crux of digital relationships: social media.  Social media has expanded, changed, been augmented, and moved from optional to pivotal in both personal and business lives throughout the world.  But how did we get here? You could …