Integrated Marketing: Grow Your Business In A Growing Business

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Lynx | Digital Media Producers has certainly come into its own this summer. As an integrated marketing and multimedia production business, we strive to elevate the brands we work with. We create HD videos that characterize the brands we work with and characterize Lynx. We develop websites that embody the brand values and creative vision of our clients. Lynx builds …

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Video Content Marketing: Turning Footage Into Multiple Videos

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Have you ever noticed that some videos just don’t get you? When I notice that, it annoys the crap out of me. I wrote recently about video audience. Today I will be looking at a few simple ways to create video content that emphasizes certain elements (that appeal to certain people) more than others – so your audience can feel like you …

Audio Recording and Streaming: 2016 GALA Festival

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This week, Lynx produced all of the audio recordings and streaming for the webcast of the 2016 GALA Chorus Festival. Our partners at StreamTek Productions produced the video capture and video stream for the event. These came from a variety of performances and interviews throughout the 5 days of the festival. Our task is to take the audio from multiple sources in each venue …

Team Management

Team Management: 12 Helpful Tips

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Recently, I found myself in charge of a team of people who volunteered to help me with a long-term audio archiving project. I do not have a lot of team management experience and have been learning as I go. Please excuse me if some of these things seem like very basic common sense. However, it became apparent to me after a …

Integrated Marketing

Integrated Marketing Emerges From Music Industry Expatriots

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Lynx | Digital Media Producers is a multimedia production and integrated marketing company based in Denver, Colorado. We offer integrated digital content solutions (audio, video, web design, social media, SEO, SEM, etc) to brands across multiple industries. Personally, I have been a musician and sound engineer by trade for several years, so how did I end up here? I have …

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How The First Episode Of SNL Blew My Mind

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NBC’s longest-running sketch comedy and variety show, Saturday Night Live (SNL), celebrated 40 years in production earlier this year. I’m certain I wasn’t alone in watching some of the highlights featured on its February 15 broadcast of #SNL40, showcasing career-defining spectacles (and debacles) from many of its performers. The episode was a standout for certain, but I was not prepared …

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Insights on Client Relations from Monitor World

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For over 3 years, I have had the privilege of being a sound engineer at two of Colorado’s premiere music venues: The Fox Theatre and the Boulder Theater.  Both located in Boulder, Colorado.  I am primarily what’s called a “monitor engineer.”  My job is to ensure that the artist(s) that are performing are able to hear what they need to hear …

A Toast to a Year In Business, And To The Breckenridge Brewery 2015 Hootenanny

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One year ago, we had the pleasure of working with our first client as Lynx | Digital Media Producers. Each of our partners had been working together in various capacities over the previous year, but this was to be an all new venture. In July of 2014, we were hired by the exceptional folks at Breckenridge Brewery (did you hear …

Solutions | Production

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At Lynx, we are all producers, so we have production covered. The word “Production” can have different meanings in different contexts. For instance, a movie producer has a completely different role than a record producer. What all producers have in common is accountability for the completion of a final product. That could be a movie, a record, or even a …