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Music Selection for Video Content: More to Consider

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At some point, it doesn’t matter how good your video quality and script writing gets if your background music – the glue between all the shots – is anything short of a perfect fit.  In all of this great writing, music takes a larger front seat than it may appear at first glance. Let’s look at elements of music selection …

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Music Webcasting – What Does it Take to Get it Right?

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If you are planning music webcasting of a live performance, the quality of the audio is CRITICAL. Many video producers relegate audio to a secondary status, especially in their pre-production planning. This may work out for ordinary video production where things can be ‘fixed in the mix’ in post-production. However, there is simply no room for error during a music …

How Lyle Lovett Transformed My Relationship to Instagram

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Before I say my first word about marketing, integration, production, performance or anything else, I am a music fan. Certainly I am someone who has the privilege of playing music, but not before I get impacted by music itself. This is a story of how my music fandom met my intrigue of branding and storytelling, and how I found that …

What Does Apple Music Have to Do With Integrated Marketing?

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Apple, Inc., one of the leading companies in the world, has built its brand on integration for decades. Once billed as “the underdog” in comparison to then-thriving Microsoft and its affiliates, Apple has built its image on providing devices and platforms that sport a “Swiss Army Knife” approach to integrated applications and software. Apple practically invented the digital music consumption …