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Digital Media Marketing Means More Than Just a Website

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It’s 2016 – do you know where your web presence is? It would be best found tied between several digital channels – social media, blogging, SEO, paid search, and of course, your website. So take a look – are you still running some archaic HTML site as your exclusive digital presence? Really? Are you exclusively listening to Backstreet Boys singles …

Shorter Promotional Video

You Need a Shorter Promotional Video. Here’s How.

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You may have the best product or company this side of the Rio Grande, but come on, do you really need 15 minutes to convey that? Maybe, but what if you don’t need to say everything you think you should say in order to effectively reach your audience? What if less is indeed more when it comes to video marketing? …

Lynx Looks Forward To Digital Media Boom in 2016

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We are already into the second month of 2016, and we are excited to be expanding and planning on more work for the year in the world of digital media. I frequently share work we have already done for clients, which I’m quite proud of.  What I haven’t shared much of is where we plan to go and grow as …

Why the best video marketing content isn’t what you think

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There is no shortage of information on the value of content in marketing. Whether you are trying to draw attention to a product, a service, a cause, an event – whatever it is, there needs to be some “thing” or “way” (a medium) which draws that attention. That thing or way, aside from word-of-mouth, is some form of content. Today …

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Insights on Client Relations from Monitor World

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For over 3 years, I have had the privilege of being a sound engineer at two of Colorado’s premiere music venues: The Fox Theatre and the Boulder Theater.  Both located in Boulder, Colorado.  I am primarily what’s called a “monitor engineer.”  My job is to ensure that the artist(s) that are performing are able to hear what they need to hear …

Video camera operator

How to shoot a successful interview video

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An effective interview can set your subject (especially one representing a brand, company, artist, or idea) apart from the rest powerfully. It’s also a very common and easily relatable format. However, as with most things that are common, an interview can be done well just as easily as poorly. Here are a few pointers on conducting an effective video interview. …

Is “Marketing” a Bad Word?

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I used to hate telling people I have an integrative marketing company. Don’t get me wrong – even then, I loved the work we do, I loved the clients we work with, and I loved the partners I have. What I would choke on almost every time I would share what I do is a deep-seated distaste for what I …

AIM Away Message – The Original “Status Update”

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Sometimes, you’ve just got to remember your roots. Before the social media maelstrom of today, there were but a handful of real-time messaging applications to keep up with friends, family, and colleagues. My preference was AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), a standalone application that was extracted from America Online’s proprietary internet browsing software. At the time I began using AIM, I …

Who Should Do My SEO?

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Are you sick of hearing those three letters yet?  SEO (search engine optimization) is in a somewhat revered category when it comes to the mechanics of digital marketing. Sure, SEO provides a refined road map for search engines to comb through your content and easily retrieve the most relevant information depending on the keywords searched for, and yes this is …

How to Tell Your Brand’s Story Better Than Ever

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No matter the endeavor, Henry Rowland, Director of Creative for Lynx, is always asking “Where’s the story?” Regardless of the medium, humans want to know the story, be involved in the story, and ultimately see the story succeed. At Lynx, we provide this kind of storytelling through photography that tells the story of a couple’s wedding, rather than just shows pictures …