Facebook: Please Use Responsibly

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Social media is a critical marketing tool in the digital age. In this age, Facebook still leads the pack with 1.13 billion daily active users. If you’re reading this article, you most likely have a Facebook account as well. The question becomes: how do you use Facebook? How often do you use Facebook or social media in general? Are you …

Instagram Rebrand

Instagram: Rebranding With Purpose

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Create a coherent brand and you’ve won a critical battle. Re-brand a successful standalone app like Instagram, owned by social media monolith Facebook, and you’ve made a bold move. If you’re ready for a change in how the public perceives your brand, take a look at what I feel Instagram nailed with this new approach. With continuity, anything is possible. The …

How Lyle Lovett Transformed My Relationship to Instagram

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Before I say my first word about marketing, integration, production, performance or anything else, I am a music fan. Certainly I am someone who has the privilege of playing music, but not before I get impacted by music itself. This is a story of how my music fandom met my intrigue of branding and storytelling, and how I found that …