Facebook Cover Photo: Get Creative Today

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With over 1.7 billion daily users, Facebook is THE place to be and THE place to be seen. So how are you differentiating yourself from your peers and your competition on Facebook? Are you simply relying on a logo or a stock photo to convey the entire image of your brand? Or are you bored by the current options available …


Facebook: Please Use Responsibly

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Social media is a critical marketing tool in the digital age. In this age, Facebook still leads the pack with 1.13 billion daily active users. If you’re reading this article, you most likely have a Facebook account as well. The question becomes: how do you use Facebook? How often do you use Facebook or social media in general? Are you …

Instagram Rebrand

Instagram: Rebranding With Purpose

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Create a coherent brand and you’ve won a critical battle. Re-brand a successful standalone app like Instagram, owned by social media monolith Facebook, and you’ve made a bold move. If you’re ready for a change in how the public perceives your brand, take a look at what I feel Instagram nailed with this new approach. With continuity, anything is possible. The …

How To Make the Most of the Facebook News Feed

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If you’re like me, you’ve probably had the thought that Facebook should just “show my posts to all my followers/friends, already!” So why do the impressions (“Seen by” #) vary so much, from post-to-post, and day-to-day? And how can you make the most of the web’s most imitated (but never tamed) resource – the Facebook News Feed – and have …

“Find Me on Facebook” and 5 Other Things You Can Stop Pretending You Don’t Say

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Hey – do you still feel like a wierdo using social media jargon, like Facebook, Twitter, etc are just “someone else’s thing you just happen to do?” Yeah, you and over a billion other wierdos.  You’re in good company. The stigma is a little outdated, and you can be the first to take a breath about it. Let’s take a look at those …

Solutions | Social Media

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Powerful personal  engagement is at the heart of what differentiates social media from previous marketing mediums and Lynx puts it at the center of any strategic marketing plan for our clients. Providing a place of engagement for your community–one that offers valuable, authentic resources–builds authority for your brand  and establishes credibility within your industry. You’ll find customers increasingly trusting what …