Is a Podcast Right for Your Marketing Strategy? 5 Key Questions

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It seems like there are a lot of people jumping into producing a podcast lately. And for good reason! According to the 2016 ‘Podcast Report’ from Edison Research, listenership for podcasts has been steadily increasing, especially among younger demographics. This report estimates that 57 million Americans listen to podcasts on a regular basis. There are approximately 250,000 active podcasts for …

Audio Recording and Streaming: 2016 GALA Festival

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This week, Lynx produced all of the audio recordings and streaming for the webcast of the 2016 GALA Chorus Festival. Our partners at StreamTek Productions produced the video capture and video stream for the event. These came from a variety of performances and interviews throughout the 5 days of the festival. Our task is to take the audio from multiple sources in each venue …

Shorter Promotional Video

You Need a Shorter Promotional Video. Here’s How.

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You may have the best product or company this side of the Rio Grande, but come on, do you really need 15 minutes to convey that? Maybe, but what if you don’t need to say everything you think you should say in order to effectively reach your audience? What if less is indeed more when it comes to video marketing? …

Creating Promotional Video That WORKS

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We recently finished creating a promotional video for the Denver, Colorado branch of Social Venture Partners. Executive Director Pat Landrum brought Lynx in to create video content for both their 2015 “Art of Philanthropy” event and for their website. Landrum was elated with the final videos, which combined content we had captured, brand graphics, and archival photos.  Today I’m going …

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How The First Episode Of SNL Blew My Mind

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NBC’s longest-running sketch comedy and variety show, Saturday Night Live (SNL), celebrated 40 years in production earlier this year. I’m certain I wasn’t alone in watching some of the highlights featured on its February 15 broadcast of #SNL40, showcasing career-defining spectacles (and debacles) from many of its performers. The episode was a standout for certain, but I was not prepared …

Why the best video marketing content isn’t what you think

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There is no shortage of information on the value of content in marketing. Whether you are trying to draw attention to a product, a service, a cause, an event – whatever it is, there needs to be some “thing” or “way” (a medium) which draws that attention. That thing or way, aside from word-of-mouth, is some form of content. Today …

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Insights on Client Relations from Monitor World

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For over 3 years, I have had the privilege of being a sound engineer at two of Colorado’s premiere music venues: The Fox Theatre and the Boulder Theater.  Both located in Boulder, Colorado.  I am primarily what’s called a “monitor engineer.”  My job is to ensure that the artist(s) that are performing are able to hear what they need to hear …

Colbert Keeps Brand Alive in Continuation of Late Show Legacy

Keeping the Colbert Brand Alive on “The Late Show”

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I simply adore Stephen Colbert’s public persona.  I don’t know the guy, but I feel the level of engagement and entertainment the man has demonstrated in both his former “The Colbert Report” show character and his new role as the host of “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” is marvelous.  Colbert can jump from absurd to poignant on a dime. …

How To Make the Most of the Facebook News Feed

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If you’re like me, you’ve probably had the thought that Facebook should just “show my posts to all my followers/friends, already!” So why do the impressions (“Seen by” #) vary so much, from post-to-post, and day-to-day? And how can you make the most of the web’s most imitated (but never tamed) resource – the Facebook News Feed – and have …

AIM Away Message – The Original “Status Update”

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Sometimes, you’ve just got to remember your roots. Before the social media maelstrom of today, there were but a handful of real-time messaging applications to keep up with friends, family, and colleagues. My preference was AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), a standalone application that was extracted from America Online’s proprietary internet browsing software. At the time I began using AIM, I …