8 Ways to do Email Better

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People around the world send over 215 billion emails to each other every day. Of course, that says nothing about the content or quality of each email. How many of them are just these three letters needed to thank someone and move along: Thx How many times a day/week/month do emails that simply pour out of your fingertips? In the …

Instagram Rebrand

Instagram: Rebranding With Purpose

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Create a coherent brand and you’ve won a critical battle. Re-brand a successful standalone app like Instagram, owned by social media monolith Facebook, and you’ve made a bold move. If you’re ready for a change in how the public perceives your brand, take a look at what I feel Instagram nailed with this new approach. With continuity, anything is possible. The …

Productive Marketing

Productive Marketing = Not Doing It All Yourself

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I have spent most of my life wanting to find better ways to relax more often. These days, I am a partner in a multimedia production and integrated marketing company. To achieve my goals of relaxing more, I either have to pretend that all of the things I should do can wait (an inevitably terrible move) or find ways to …

Integrated Marketing Solutions

10 Integrated Marketing Solutions from KBIS 2016

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This month, Lynx offered a presentation on integrated marketing solutions at the 2016 Kitchen and Bath Showcase (KBIS) in Las Vegas, NV. The title: “The Top 10 Integration Solutions to Enhance Your Customers’ Experience of your Brand.” This conference and showcase had been combined with the International Builder’s Showcase (IBS) for an epic excursion into the heart of the industry. …

Video Content

Create Video Content That is Compelling, Not Fluffy

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I love conversations that focus on creating new, creative content. It’s exciting to brainstorm new ideas, but the temptation to try every new idea that comes up can be distracting, for both you and your viewers. Today I want to look at what to consider when creating compelling video content. My background is in music performance and concert audio engineering, all …

Integrated Marketing

Integrated Marketing – New Playground For Effective Engagement

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Have you ever asked yourself something like “Why in the world is ‘integrated marketing’ a good idea?” Considering you are reading this article, and barring that it is an accident that you’re here, my guess is you’ve had a thought like that. With many different marketing channels to pursue, learn, and bring together, integrated marketing can look like a daunting …

Creative Content

How The First Episode Of SNL Blew My Mind

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NBC’s longest-running sketch comedy and variety show, Saturday Night Live (SNL), celebrated 40 years in production earlier this year. I’m certain I wasn’t alone in watching some of the highlights featured on its February 15 broadcast of #SNL40, showcasing career-defining spectacles (and debacles) from many of its performers. The episode was a standout for certain, but I was not prepared …

Colbert Keeps Brand Alive in Continuation of Late Show Legacy

Keeping the Colbert Brand Alive on “The Late Show”

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I simply adore Stephen Colbert’s public persona.  I don’t know the guy, but I feel the level of engagement and entertainment the man has demonstrated in both his former “The Colbert Report” show character and his new role as the host of “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” is marvelous.  Colbert can jump from absurd to poignant on a dime. …