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Video is rapidly becoming the most impactful form of communication on the Internet.  From the average consumer’s ability to capture and share videos of events, friends, family – even house pets – to the adventurous professional’s ability to capture anything from volcanic craters to car chases to moon rocks, there is no shortage of what can be put into video and shared with the world.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what are 30 pictures per second worth?

Good quality video production can be intimidating and overwhelming at times. Knowing you’re not going to get what you’re looking for from your iPhone is the first step. But it’s also not about producing a Hollywood movie. Current technology makes it possible to produce highly professional video on a very reasonable budget. Expertise, however, is key. Lynx has the expertise to take the stress out of the process and insure that your message comes across powerfully.

Lynx provides professional location services including webcasting and capture of live video content for your conference, seminar, concert, or other event.

We also generate original video content for promotion, marketing, entertainment, and commercial sale. Additionally, Lynx can provide editing and post production for existing content.  Either on location or in the studio, we show off your people and your company at their best, and provide first-class video production that will make your brand shine.

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