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At Lynx, we are all producers, so we have production covered.

The word “Production” can have different meanings in different contexts. For instance, a movie producer has a completely different role than a record producer. What all producers have in common is accountability for the completion of a final product. That could be a movie, a record, or even a TV commercial.

For Lynx, content production concerns not only the creative dimension of high quality projects, but also managing the process and execution, ensuring that projects are completed on time and within budget.

Our team is experienced producing audio and video content including major label albums, music videos, feature film soundtracks, TV pilots and corporate videos.

Our live event production has included concerts, multi-camera webcasts, and audio for TV pilots among other projects.

Lynx also offers world-class event production services a la carte. This includes live sound, web streaming, talent and location scouting, event and project management, and location audio/video capture. Lynx prides itself on seamless integration of video conferencing with live event production using web-based solutions.

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