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Great audio production values are often overlooked or given lower priority when creating visual content. This can be a big mistake, because poor audio reduces the credibility and impact of your message. A potential customer or client who views a video presentation with sub-par audio is given a strong subconscious message that something is ‘not right’, even if they don’t have great conscious discretion for different levels of audio quality.

Our team has massive background and experience in all aspects of audio production, including studio recording, record production, mixing, mastering, field recording, and post production.  We are especially adept at cleaning up problematic audio, though of course we greatly prefer to record audio content from scratch so we are sure to get it right the first time.

We also excel at live sound production.  If you are having an event with sound reinforcement that also involves video elements, the audio production can become very challenging. In particular, if the event is being webcast, includes video conferencing from remote locations, and/or includes live music or performance elements, there is an enormous amount of complexity that can lead to many problems. Feedback loops, poor routing or microphone choices, and problematic or distorted sound on the webcast stream or video conference can cause disruptions. We can manage the audio properly on even small-scale events with a skill level that would normally be associated only with the largest A/V companies, and previously only affordable for very large-scale events.


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