Social Media: Challenging But Critical Form of Marketing

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I personally don’t care for social media. As a partner in a digital marketing agency, this is a bit frightening to admit. If you’re part of the ‘baby-boomer’ generation like me (born between 1946-1964) you might have a similar reaction to the overwhelming multitude of social media platforms that seem to be proliferating almost daily. For some of us, social media networks appear to be the ultimate time-wasters. These networks look like huge quicksand pits of endless distractions with all kinds of useless trivia and information overload. We receive bombardments of mysterious people wanting to ‘friend’ us. Whoever they are, we might suspect these requests have more to do with them than with us.

Social Media: Resistance is Suitable

If you are in this group, and you are also in business, you might have a natural resistance to fully engaging with social media as part of your marketing strategy. Sure, you’ve read the multitudes of ‘Top Ten’ type articles detailing how powerful and critical it is to incorporate social media into your marketing. I imagine that you’ve also seen loads of statistics to prove their point. You’ve read how social media can boost customer engagement with your brand. You’ve seen that social media can greatly increase trust, customer loyalty, and reach to very specific targeted demographics.  And, of course, there are obvious advantages in terms of gaining detailed analytics data about your customers.

So what is still stopping you from fully implementing these powerful engagement tools?  For some of us, it’s a little overwhelming to try to wrap our heads around all the possibilities. These tools require a radically different and interactive approach relative to traditional outbound advertising. The idea of personalized ‘engagement’ with your customers may seem very exciting. However, the implementation of this in an effective way to accurately represent your core values consistently. You can share these values across so many different platforms that it might make your head spin!  Not to mention the complexity of overlapping posts, which messages to be putting out through which channels, etc.

A Little Perspective

It is very important to remember that Millennials (born 1981-1997) grew up with computers, and have taken social media for granted from a pretty early age. And the yet-to-be-named generation which is following them has grown up in a world of social media. For these young folks, social media is as central to their communications as telephones were for us. If you want to be taken seriously by people under 36, you need to have a social media presence for your brand that is visible and consistent.

I’m the only non-Millennial partner in my digital media agency. I do not attempt to be the expert in this area. I do not always fully understand all the nuances of using these platforms in the most effective ways. However, I do appreciate the tremendous power of using these tools properly. I also appreciate finding which platforms to use for a particular client that will give them the most results for time and energy invested.

You Belong Here Too

So, just because it may not be your cup of tea, don’t discount how critical social media engagement is to the growth of your brand. You might try my approach – you just need to find the right (younger!) people to manage this area for you. This could be an in-house hire or bringing in an agency with the proper expertise. Just be sure that whoever you bring in understands all aspects of your branding and image deeply. Ensure that your message is consistently expressed throughout all the platforms you choose to engage with.

Don’t forget that choosing those platforms that best fit with your company’s vision is also a key part of the process. Just as you would not buy advertising in a publication that is opposed to your core values, there is a particular ‘flavor’ to each social media platform that may or may not be in alignment with your direction.


Good luck! And try to have some fun with it all.  Remember, most of these platforms became popular as an entertaining way to be connected to a community and share information. Don’t get so lost in the ‘marketing’ side that you miss what will make your posts engaging, interesting and useful!

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