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You Need a Shorter Promotional Video. Here’s How.

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You may have the best product or company this side of the Rio Grande, but come on, do you really need 15 minutes to convey that? Maybe, but what if you don’t need to say everything you think you should say in order to effectively reach your audience? What if less is indeed more when it comes to video marketing? You not only can shorten, you should shorten your promotional video. Let’s take a look at why.

Promotional Video Length

Videos that are over 30 seconds long see a big-time drop-off in viewership during the video playback. In fact, an article from Kiip states that “nearly a fifth of viewers clicked out of a video in the first ten seconds.” This isn’t to say that people are not watching videos longer than 30 seconds. Music videos top the all-time 10 most-viewed videos on YouTube, each with an average length right around 4 minutes. And of course, the 75 million+ Netflix subscribers and 1 billion+ YouTube users around the globe show that longer digital video is exceedingly popular. So the problem with length is not across the entire medium of digital video. But the problem with digital promo video does lie in length, and it’s time you got savvy to a more effective use of the time a consumer spends with you and your brand.

Promotional videos are not meant to serve you directly. Promotional videos serve your audience. The intent of the videos is to entertain, inform, persuade, and advise. Videos are not meant to be the place where a brand goes to say everything it wants. That’s what a video blog or video podcast is for. A promotional video is to give a potential consumer a sense of what they can get from you and your brand. Ideally, you want to create a video that gets them connected to you as a provider, not as “just another thing / place / company.” Then – you want to get out-of-the-way. Why? To invite conversion. Conversion requires selection by the buyer, not coercion by the seller. Promotional videos that do not prompt conversion (this doesn’t necessarily mean immediate conversions) in some form are not doing their job.

What video does what?

A video that is designed to entertained has only done its job if the viewer is entertained.  However, a promotional video that promotes has only done its job if the viewer is clear on what is being promoted. In this case, the viewer only cares if they perceive a need that can be filled by the product or service being promoted. Conversion from viewer to a consumer is, of course, the main objective of a promotional video. This conversion does not have to be immediate (meaning they leave their home immediately or jump on to Amazon to buy the product that second).. It may not even mean the viewer is the converted consumer – but could be converted into a brand advocate. That person is more likely to tell a more likely buyer in that moment.

Great in theory, great in practice

Here’s a hypothetical example: let’s say you run a boutique distillery that sells unique spirits. Your selling points are your inviting, stylish ambience and your all-organic, locally grown materials for the spirits you sell.  You would not want to make a promotional video that only talks about these materials, or only the unique aspects of your brand, no matter how interesting the story. This is not to say these are unusable elements – you would just need to say more in the video. You would want to convey to the viewer that their experience in your distillery is inviting and accommodating. The viewer also wants to know that they are contributing to the well-being of the environment and the local economy. Finally, they want to known that they are part of something special.

Video. Strategy. Action.

Then you want to leave them alone almost as soon as you came, offering a call to action – that could be to reserve a time for a tour or happy hour event, a prompt to find other popular locations or activities of interest nearby, or a “Learn More” link. This last option endorses the longer promo video. This kind of video is TOTALLY appropriate because the client requested it. This is just like with those popular music videos or Netflix series. You may just want to offer them a subscription to a quality magazine like this one:

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