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Integrated Marketing Emerges From Music Industry Expatriots

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Lynx | Digital Media Producers is a multimedia production and integrated marketing company based in Denver, Colorado. We offer integrated digital content solutions (audio, video, web design, social media, SEO, SEM, etc) to brands across multiple industries. Personally, I have been a musician and sound engineer by trade for several years, so how did I end up here?

I have been intrigued by video since I was a child. I saw my grandfather wandering around my home with one of those big VHS camcorders, shooting interactions between my family members, and capturing landscape shots in the backyard. Even when it wasn’t in use, I was fascinated by all the buttons – making the image zoom in and out, noticing what “made it” in the frame, playing back whatever had already been recorded, and recording over the existing images. It was my first exposure to a microphone as well. I didn’t know how any of it really worked, I just thought it was so cool!

Fast forward to the summer before my 8th grade. I had just discovered that I could record the sound from the radio into the basic sound recorder program on my computer. Unbelievable! I began to make short “mash-up” clips of different songs from the radio. I would wait patiently for bits from different hit songs to play, and then pair them with others. This fascination led into other forms and fashions of audio recording, sound arranging, and composition.

The next year I was gifted my mother’s nylon string guitar from her teenage years. It had been left alone for decades, and was in need of some love to make it playable again. It didn’t take long to make it my own. That led to a lifelong relationship with the instrument, songwriting, and live performance.

That’s the back story – but why Lynx?

Lynx came out of a series of projects and relationships that combined my love for music, audio and video, and sharing new ideas with a larger community. I developed and produced the web series Colorado Secret Stages, and co-produced the TV show pilot Ibbie’s Kitchen, alongside would-be Lynx partner Dave “Pepe” Litman. He and I share a lifelong fascination with music, audio, and community. I loved that we could combine that in a new array of multimedia productions. There was still a missing piece – a comprehensive marketing approach. This was not only for our own projects, but producing for a wider audience altogether. This teamed us up with marketing guru and digital design expert Michael Ryan. This was when our view of production and marketing widened considerably.

Lynx has quickly become nimble and robust enough to create bold, effective digital content for a large variety of brands, artists, and organizations. We have turned our ability to create, promote and share music performance content into a robust skill set. This skill set is now an asset for anyone who needs marketing content and strategies designed, developed, and implemented. Our for clients include promotional video for popular craft breweries, webcasting and video post-production for non-profit foundation stewards, informative video for non-profit consultants, website design for real estate agencies, app development for health awareness agencies, and that’s just the beginning. What can we do for you?


Lynx | Digital Media Producers creates results-driven content and strategies to enhance your customer’s experience of your brand. Contact us today to see how we can put our digital design and production skills to work for your brand.

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