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Multimedia Production or Marketing: What Comes First?

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If you’re like me (a human being), you probably like cool things. One great way to share cool things is through creating (or just posting) new multimedia. Multimedia – which is simply a combination of “multiple mediums,” is the primary vehicle for sharing stories and messages anymore.  At a pretty high level, anything stated, articulated or otherwise made apparent to someone else is  The Internet would be nothing without multimedia, as would most stories. Multimedia production gives us the “what,” so what gives us the other “W’s”? Like it or not, it’s marketing. So, what comes first?

Multimedia Production: The “What”

Multimedia is a fairly generic term at this point in time. The term has been applied to photography, video, music/sound, spoken word, visual art, art installations, and onward. Multimedia production, then, is bringing about any combination of these elements. It is simply creating the “what” we all talk about when we watch a new cat video or send a text message. Really, not very exciting stuff.

What makes multimedia production exciting is its ability to transfer ideas between people. A hit song, a blockbuster movie, and a viral app all demonstrate this kind of transference at a large-scale. An emoji, a wave of the hand, and a turn signal also demonstrate this kind of transference at a smaller scale. This all-encompassing quality of multimedia production then gives rise to the eternal phrase “content is king.” Content (which is essentially multimedia) is everywhere.

Which What Huh?

For decades now, the most common combination of media has been audio and video. A video is typically supplemented with photography, but the defining feature of both audio and video is duration. The images and sounds are intended to be viewed/heard over time. The music unfolds over time, as do films. Cat videos are no different. These are certainly examples of multimedia. Amongst all of this, content is a presentation of multimedia. (Wait…what??)

When we talk about “viewership,” we’re talking about those people who sit still long enough to take in media. A viewer may be watching a TV series on Netflix, reading a Facebook post about a favorite musician (or sandwich) or looking at the skywriting from a plane. This is all content. Multimedia + viewer = content.

Multimedia production

Enter: Marketing

Let’s review quickly. Multimedia is a combination of mediums (audio, video, photos, etc). Content is a presentation of multimedia. The question becomes: presented to whom? Where? Why? How? Here comes marketing.

Marketing and multimedia production go hand in hand. All the strategy in the world is useless without a package to implement. Conversely, even the best content is useless without a purpose. The goal of marketing is to best package and use content to produce the desired result. Multimedia content (e.g. YouTube videos, viral memes, interactive websites) is the package the marketing plan offers. The “how,” “when,” “Why,” etc all get added up on the marketing side.

Create strategy > create content > execute strategy > evaluate results > modify strategy > repeat.

You Can’t Have One Without the Other

Marketing should lead the way for multimedia production. However, multimedia content is the vehicle that carries the strategy to fruition. You really can’t have one without the other. The quality and depth of your content should reflect the quality and depth of your strategy.

Multimedia content without a marketing strategy is a fish out of the water. A marketing strategy without content is a good idea for someone else another time. Combine these two elements to create a rock-solid backbone for your next campaign.

Great, But How Do I Do That?

How do you create a solid combination of both content and strategy? First, look at which element will lead. Often the marketing strategy will lead the way. This strategy establishes the purpose, the audience, and the desired outcome of any content to be produced. However, in cases like concert videos, the content may need to lead. This kind of content is not just marketing content – it is the product marketed.

Create an impenetrable marketing strategy by being able to answer any questions your target market may have about you / your brand / your message. Give them great content in a way that works best for them. Give them no reason to turn away. Clearly, a present compelling reason to engage with your content, your brand, your presence or just….you!

You are ultimately speaking through your marketing efforts. The timing of your posts or personal conversations can have a significant bearing on the success of your marketing strategy. That success also hinges on the reasons you believe people engage with you and your content. Additionally, the way in which you share your message (format, font, voice volume, image composition) directly impacts your success.

If you have a good idea for a video, do not eliminate it from your current or future plans. You can determine a marketing strategy that fits the nature of the video and the reason people would enjoy it. However, if you leave the video idea on the list of options, it may make more sense in future efforts. In business, it’s more important to have marketing efforts be successful than to just create “cool videos.” Of course, the artistic and creative quality of multimedia production should not be neglected.

Show Me Something That Works

Nothing beats the push for Air Jordans in the mid-1980s. The product was propelled by a combination of superior marketing strategy and outside influence. Initially, the product received a flood attention by being banned by the NBA. The publicity offered a stellar boost in sales and brand visibility. The “Nike swoosh” and iconic Air Jordan logo were now synonymous, not with each other, but with world-class athletes.

The combination of multimedia (e.g. a logo, a shoe, and an endless slew of advertisements) and existing sports exposure was a hotbed of marketing opportunities. The Air Jordan brand is still to-date one of the most successful products and marketing efforts any shoe company has seen. They knew who was looking where, when, and why. They knew that the multimedia content (sports broadcasts, TV advertisements, brand placement, celebrity affiliation) would match the marketing strategy. This blissful combination is impenetrable, rock-solid, and deserves to be copied!
What else have you seen work delightfully well with the combination of multimedia production and marketing? There’s a wide-open playing field at the end of this article to weigh-in. Let your fellow readers know!

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