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Video Marketing: Why Video Guys Should Care About Integration

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It’s 2016, and I still hear people say things like “oh yeah, all we need is a good video and we’ll start getting seen.” Unfortunately, although content remains king, there is more to the kingdom than the throne. At this point in YouTube, even cat videos are competing with cat videos for attention. That’s why “video guys” can’t cut it just being “video guys” in this new era (but really, could we ever??). Today we’re going to take a look at the question “Why Integrated Marketing?” when it comes to video production and video marketing.

My Background

I have long been interested in video as a medium through which I could capture a moment and tell a story. I haven’t always been adept at these things, and I haven’t always felt the call to pursue them. What I have found, however, is that I much prefer sharing moments I capture with people who appreciate those moments. In 2006, as part of an independent study I created while in college, I filmed a cross-country interview-based documentary about my father.

A good friend of mine, who happened to be pursuing a film degree, handled the editing side of the project (Thanks Bob!). I then presented the “short film” with original music for a few dozen close friends, family, peers and academics. It was just as valuable to share this film with people who would respond to it as it was to follow my intrigue and create the content. This was essentially my debut as a producer/director on a video project, and I’ve come a long way since.

What I’ve Discovered About Video Marketing

Through producing numerous multimedia projects, writing and performing music for several albums, and ultimately a foray into a full-blown multimedia production business here’s what I’ve discovered – content is useless without a strategy in how to get it seen. It may be as complex as creating a comprehensive campaign that incorporates multiple marketing channels (social media, TV ads, billboards, coasters, etc) or it may be as simple as sharing your passion project with the ones closest to you (as I shared above.). The assumption that simply “making/having video is good enough” is completely obsolete.

I could have remained a “video guy” – or strictly any kind of content producer (exclusively music, video, blogs, etc). However, I had no “exit strategy.” For me, this kind of strategy is like a “leave” in the game of pool – it doesn’t matter what balls you hit or trick shot you pull in a single turn. What matters is where you set yourself up to go next. This applies to the video world abundantly.

New Discoveries

I’ve seen videos that look amazing that have a surprisingly low number of views, and I’ve seen videos that look terrible that have surprisingly high numbers of views. And certainly the argument can not be made for every “popular” video that an apt strategy was at work in reaching a certain number of viewers – but the strategy of producing a video that attracts and entices viewers the world over alone is one worth applauding. But it’s more the exception than the rule.

For example, the newest Beyonce video demonstrates that an impactful, creative, and confronting piece of video marketing content is best served on the backs of a Super Bowl performance and a slew of publicity. Over a month after drawing both fans and heat, the official video sits at 35 million + views, an exciting number for breakthrough artists, but nothing in comparison to even the top ten Katy Perry videos. Of course, the message of Perry’s “Roar’ sits much more comfortably with the general public than that of Beyonce’s “Formation,” but the argument is simply about “good video content.” My assertion – good video content is still not enough. But pop divas aside, there’s more room for you to discover something in all of this for yourself.

What You Can Discover

So you’ve spent all your energy on your video creation, and you’ve got no time or use for the blasphemous world of video marketing. You justify yourself staying on sidelines because “hey man, my art should speak for itself.”

That’s crap.

No, your work of video art is not crap – but that line is crap.

Creating a video without a plan for effective marketing – and worse, creating content and being justified in why to not market that content – is a quick way to remain jaded, distant, overworked, and unfulfilled (this goes for you too, sound guys!). You’ve created the content – how is it getting to people? I don’t mean everyone necessarily, but how does it get to the people whom you want it to get to? This is what there is to discover for yourself.  What would have me be as excited to share this product on a large-scale as you were to create it in the first place?

Validation is a good start, but what about inspiration? Or community-building? Or brand recognition? Yes, it’s a good thing! There’s no shame in actually attaching your name to good art! Come on, video guys! Start to look outside the realm of good production into good brand recognition. Consistency across platforms, across interactions, across channels…it’s all within reach. Yes! I feel like Wayne Coyne at a Flaming Lips concert – yes! You can do more than be on the sidelines hoping people somehow get into your art! You can be part of an entire integrated marketing package – you just need to recognize your value in that context.

Ready to do it?

I’m not trying to create competition for myself here. I’m not opposed to more healthy competition either. Here I’m just trying to connect with the “video guys,” (and “video gals!”) and let those folks know they’re valuable in the wider scheme of integration and video marketing. The gear, the time, the “eye,” the patience, the fortitude – all of it pays out when creating new content as part of an integrated marketing program. Maybe you’ve worked with marketing agencies before, who in fact didn’t get your value. Maybe it’s time to branch off on your own. You would do yourselves a favor by teaming up with an integrated marketing company that values the role of video in the wider spread of marketing. You deserve honor for your skills as much as the client deserves to honor for their efforts.  

The question is: are you ready? Are you ready to not simply be a “freelancer,” a “DP,” a “shooter,” an “editor?” Are you ready to be part of something larger, that values your skills as a content creator? It’s time to pursue an integrated marketing company – or do some research for your own integrated marketing skills – to get into a long-term relationship with success.

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