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Integrated Marketing: Winning Formula for Modern Brands

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Folks are still confused about the term “integrated marketing.” We focus on the integration of marketing channels and messaging of our clients and we produce content in service of that integration. Today, I want to make it easy to grab on to the nature and benefits of integrated marketing.

Make integrated marketing work for you

We recently began working with a local nonprofit agency currently focused on donor development. Of course, nonprofit agencies are always in some form of donor development mode. Donation-based organizations thrive on their relationships with their donors. In the case of this new client, “focused on donor development” means a few things right now:

  1. Increasing their social media reach and conversions
  2. Increasing their newsletter contacts, refining their contact management system, and increasing newsletter reach and conversions
  3. Producing videos that appeal to existing and potential donors

But first..

Before we get to that, why am I telling you about this work with this client? Integrated marketing work is necessary for almost every nonprofit today. If a nonprofit is going to thrive, it needs to be able to meet donors where they are, not try to talk donors into meeting the NPO where it is. We call this unified front of work “integrated marketing.” That’s just fancy-shmancy talk with a few definitions:

“Integrated Marketing is an approach to creating a unified and seamless experience for consumers to interact with the brand/enterprise…” (read more)

“[it] ensures that all forms of communications and messages are carefully linked together.” (read more)

“Integrated marketing is a marketing strategy that stresses the importance of a consistent, seamless, multi-dimensional brand experience for the consumer.” (read more)

“[It] is the combination of marketing tactics to help deliver one marketing strategy and more quickly build know, like and trust.” (read more)

“Integrated marketing is the holistic approach to communication in marketing.” (read more)

Catching on to a common thread? You must create continuity and consistency of messaging across all platforms. All of them. Then you can start to reap the benefit of integration.

No single channel will do it all

That’s right, peeps. It’s time to get off the “just a video should be fine” marketing train. Yes, content is king and all that…but what strategy do you have paired with your video content? Or with your Facebook posts? Or with your landing page?

Don’t have all three? That’s the first place to look, and ask..”why?” Why are you using only one or two channels? Does it seem simpler? Easier? Cheaper? In the long haul, you will do far better to integrate than to segregate your marketing practice.

How do I introduce integrated marketing?

Consider three questions that must be answered to begin understanding and implementing integrated marketing in any business:

  1. Who are you (the brand, NPO, small business) trying to meet?
  2. How best do the people we want to meet want to be met? (e.g. billboards don’t often drive engagement, yet social media doesn’t always reach a fixed market.)
  3. Are we providing consistent messaging across all channels these folks want to be met?

Identifying an age, location, or hobby demographic is one step. Identifying the typical lifestyle and preferences of that demographic may be a little more nuanced. If you are dealing specifically with nonprofits, ask yourself questions like:

  • Do our typical customers / donors have spending cash or are they on a limited budget?
    • This may determine not only your target audience but also your target unit price or donation amount. (Many small amounts can often win in the long run over a few large amounts.)
  • Where do our typical customers / donors get their information from?
    • The moment you have more than one answer here is the moment you need to take an integrated marketing approach. Every channel must be consistent.
  • Am I willing to balance multiple agencies handling the messaging of our one brand?
    • How many phone calls / emails /  can you tolerate? How many times are you willing to repeat your brand identity to yet ANOTHER vendor or partner? Give yourself a break!

What are the benefits of integrated marketing?

Finally, let’s just get to brass tacks, shall we? Hand these off to the top brass and you should raise some eyebrows.

The top benefits of integrated marketing:

  • Consistency of branding / messaging / image
  • Minimize time spent on marketing efforts
  • When you minimize time, you minimize money paid in labor
  • Fewer “middlemen”
  • Maximum marketing channel coverage
  • Peace of mind that each marketing channel is saying the same thing.

Lynx | Digital Media Producers creates results-driven content and strategies to enhance your customer’s experience of your brand. Contact us today to see how we can increase the effectiveness of your marketing channels through integration.

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