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Lynx | Digital Media Producers has certainly come into its own this summer. As an integrated marketing and multimedia production business, we strive to elevate the brands we work with. We create HD videos that characterize the brands we work with and characterize Lynx. We develop websites that embody the brand values and creative vision of our clients. Lynx builds marketing platforms that employ trend-setting SEO techniques, social media approaches and creative copy and graphic design. Today I wanted to share with you a few recent clients and integrated strategies we’ve provided them with.

Integrated Marketing and Branding Strategy with Terri V James, aka “Denver’s Green Broker” –

Effective integrated marketing requires a thorough understand of client needs. Real estate broker Terri V James hired Lynx to develop and design a brand new website. She wanted us to focus on her brand as “Denver’s Green Broker.” Sustainability is a buzz word in this economy, and her website was built to reflect her expertise in this area. We took logo development, color choice, layout and site-flow into consideration during development. The end result of the website combined our expertise with the client’s vision.

Web Design

The website redesign started with a change in her chosen domain name. Her initial URL was simply her name: This is a smart and standard move for an independent broker. Terri desired a more individualized location where potential clients could discover her based on her expertise. She wanted to accommodate clients who may be searching specifically for sustainable properties where Terri is herself an expert. “Going green” is a popular expression in many industries, and real estate is no exception.

Social Media

The client had little social media presence prior to our work together. We borrowed graphic and other brand elements from the website as we refined the client’s social media channels. We increased the traffic to her LinkedIn page and established a Facebook page to give her more visibility online. Now these social media outlets are now able to drive traffic to her website that otherwise would not exist. The website gave us a “hub” to which all online conversation could be directed. Consequently, the client is now able to provide several openings for action to her potential and current clients in multiple avenues.

Graphic Design

Lynx redesigned her logo and color scheme to reflect the new brand as well. The simplicity of her name written in script provided a subtle elegance to her website. Additionally, the green and brown colors added throughout the pages give a sense of the brand being “earth-friendly.”

Audio Production with GALA Choruses –

We love working with our friends at Streamtek Productions. They brought Lynx in to provide live audio production skill and equipment for the 2016 GALA Chorus Festival in Denver. We produced live audio mixes in each venue at the Denver Performing Arts Center (DPAC). Our technicians also produced a location audio recording for an exciting GALA flash mob!  


Our services expanded GALA’s integrated marketing efforts by providing broadcast-quality audio to its worldwide webcast viewers. Top-of-the-line switching software and camera hardware were matched with an audio stream of world-class musicians. GALA was already well-known for its leading-edge role in the LGBT choral community, and could now reach an even larger community to expand into.

The ability to share and embed a webcast like this is critical. The choirs that performed at this festival represented a large number of American cities and states, as well as countries worldwide. The marketing and social media teams involved with each choir cold then spread the GALA brand even further. Combine that with thousands of individual participants and you have an outpouring of quality brand collateral. As a result, the GALA brand could not be missed!

Audio Production

We mixed the audio provided by the audio technicians in each venue. While it is important to have a technician providing their own mix to the audience in the venue, a separate mix is needed for the webcast. A venue audience will hear what sounds good in a room, while a webcast audience will hear what sounds good on their computer or mobile device. Our technicians provided the critical webcast mix for an international audience.

When creating a mix like this, it is important to bring in the appropriate equipment. Additionally, there is no shortage of communication with the house technician. As a streaming technician, your work is completely dependent on the house mix. Our technicians worked at length with the venue to provide a quality mix for the client and their online audience.

Video and Audio Production / Branding Strategy with Elder Turtle –


Elder Turtle is a wonderful service that empowers memory care patients and their caregivers. Elder Turtle provides customized music playlists for seniors. The client wanted to convey the importance of that service quickly and powerfully through video. Our integrated marketing services included branding strategy and video/audio production.

We conducted two location video shoots to produce two videos. The first video (above) was cut to appeal specifically to the decision-makers at memory care facilities. We designed the video with brevity and clarity in mind. Second, we cut a video designed for the families of these patients. These families are likely uncertain of what to provide their loved ones. That video was twice the length of this first video. The focus of the second video was on being heartfelt rather than efficient. As a result, the video draws the viewer in for a longer period.

Lynx also advised the client on her brand strategy. The client had an extensive background in business. However, she was open to building the brand strategy of this business in new ways. We advised her on website content, market segmentation, social media presence, and SEO strategy. Consequently, the client was able to augment her web presence and quickly reach a wider audience.

In Summary

Your marketing efforts are too important to be left in a vacuum. Don’t simply try to save money by only investing in a single marketing component at a time. Find ways to combine your marketing efforts. Ask your audience what they want. Find a way to meet them where they are. They’ll thank you later!

Lynx | Digital Media Producers creates results-driven content and strategies to enhance your customer’s experience of your brand. Contact us today to see how we can increase the value of your brand through our integrated marketing solutions.

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