“Find Me on Facebook” and 5 Other Things You Can Stop Pretending You Don’t Say

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Hey – do you still feel like a wierdo using social media jargon, like Facebook, Twitter, etc are just “someone else’s thing you just happen to do?” Yeah, you and over a billion other wierdos.  You’re in good company. The stigma is a little outdated, and you can be the first to take a breath about it. Let’s take a look at those things you still pretend you don’t say everyday, that are actually super-effective to keep around.

“Find me on Facebook” – This is still the most ingenious way to involve someone else in your life in a sphere you have a lot of control over – or maybe you’re just ridiculously busy, and can’t hang out with everyone. Even if it’s business in the front and party in the back, your online business presence is hard-pressed to have maximum reach without Facebook presence. You can tell anyone anywhere to “Like” or “Follow” you on Facebook, and it’s now commonplace conversation. You can drop the facade – we get it, you’re on Facebook, and you’re a real person. It’s cool, so are we.

“Hashtag (#)” – I am notorious for actually saying the letters “BRB” (Internet acronym for Be Right Back) when I step out briefly. Maybe for you it’s “IKR” (I Know Right) or “TTYL” (Talk to you Later). It gets pretty dicey when you go into “LOL” (Laughing Out Loud) or “SMH” (Shake My Head) without actually performing these actions IRL (In Real Life).  And now with the verbal addition of “#” (Hashtag, an online searchable term identifier), you are bound to stand out as “THAT guy/girl.” Use it to your advantage – it can set you apart when people begin to directly relate you to your hashtag. #THICKE had great results in 2013, #IceBucketChallenge had a big showing in 2014, and you are bound to see #Idol dominate in this year’s American Idol season finale – both in word and online.

“Pin it” – You may never run out of photos amazing swingset ideas, or infographics detailing the history of famous Wisconsin cheeses.  But you may run out of reasons to feel normal telling people to “Pin” something to a digital cork board.  Fear not – say it, own it, flaunt it.  Your favorite things are someone else’s favorite things, and more than making sales, you are making connections.  Get real about things you like, things you are passionate about, and things you want more of. 

“Follow me on Twitter” – Yeah, you can pretend it’s not a big deal when big stars follow you on the second largest social media site in the world.  Or you can just let us all know when your favorite celebrity, industry leader, or devoted fan retweets your latest post.  You know the only thing “shameless” about “shameless self-promotion” is doing it without regard for the folks you’re promoting too.  Keep in mind that you’re offering them a service and an opportunity too, and you’ll be just fine in sharing your butt off.

“Selfie” – We saw you, stepping out in front of the sign of the hotel you are staying at.  You know, the one where they’re holding the big conference you’re finally presenting at.  And we know you took 7 different shots of yourself, at different angles, with different framing, trying to get the hotel logo and your elated expression to match up just right.  Hey – good on you!  There’s no need to be concerned about uploading that new selfie to Instagram – just make sure to “#” as much as you “@,” and include as many of your supporters as you can.  And then watch this, because you’re not alone.

“Add me to your Circles” – Yes, that invitation you keep getting in your e-mail from all your friends you already have on Facebook. They want you to do that Google+ thing – and you should just do it. Google does it all, and you being available to a whole community that values that – makes you valuable. Make sense? What I mean is this: the layout, manner, and structure of Google+ attracts a different social media audience than Facebook, Twitter, or even LinkedIn.  You want to be available to as many groups as possible, with some degree of automation. Using these social media services allows that – so add yourself to a circle with your neighbor Bob, and share that new video you just finished that shows off your new office.

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