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Digital Media Marketing Means More Than Just a Website

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It’s 2016 – do you know where your web presence is? It would be best found tied between several digital channels – social media, blogging, SEO, paid search, and of course, your website. So take a look – are you still running some archaic HTML site as your exclusive digital presence? Really? Are you exclusively listening to Backstreet Boys singles too? Sorry (not sorry), it’s time to get past 1998, or get cut off.

My mom was an antique dealer as I was growing up. Even though my preference had leaned towards new, shiny, trendy things, I still have a soft spot for artifacts. However, the tech world is no place for nostalgia. Cutting-edge continues to lead the way, and holdouts go the way of hood ornaments. Your website is still critical, it just doesn’t need to be the only team you root for (or root with) anymore. There are now a lot of players on the field of marketing channels, and you owe it to yourself to supplement your website with them. If you’re not leading the way by integrating your marketing approach, then your competitors’ marketing team surely will.  

Before I get too far along here, here’s what I’m not implying:

  • That you should just go get a Facebook page for your business.
  • That you should just research keywords for your business to include in SEO
  • That you should just go build an app
  • That you should just go sign-up for Google AdWords

I’m not implying any of that because no digital media marketing solution is THE digital media marketing solution. I am certainly emphasizing that a solo website solution is insufficient in digital marketing, but that goes the same for a solo social media solution. Certainly Nike has had the clincher of “Just do it” for decades now, but in the world of web, there is no “just do this” to win the digital marketing game. You best chance to score new consumers for your business or organization is to be in as many places as you can. This makes you more likely to be found, no matter where the consumer looks. And yes, the consumer is looking.

No digital media marketing solution is THE digital media marketing solution.

Alright, let’s set the caution tape aside. There may not be a magic wand to wave and win over the hearts of everyone at once, but there are certainly approaches to supplement the simple website existence.

Try incorporating some of these tips as you augment your digital marketing:

  • Create consistent social media account names. E.g. if your business is “Jane’s Jams and Jellies,” try @JaneJamJelly across each account.
    • *Bonus points* Create consistency between your URL and your social media account names. E.g. for the example above, if your website is, either grab a new URL that is consistent with the social media accounts (if available) or consider @janesjamsandjellies. You’ll start to see that shorter and clearer is better as you use these accounts more and more often!
  • Cross-link your website and social media efforts. Sticking with Jane, make your links from your website to social media apparent (but not obnoxious). Also, make your links from your social media to your website obvious, and include a brief description with apt keywords, if possible. E.g. – “Local, organic, family-owned and operated jellies, jams, and preserves.”
  • Remember that the “O” of “SEO” is “Optimization.” As with anything in life, being in optimal shape requires constant updates and maintenance. SEO is NOT a “one-and-done” solution. The algorithms that Google and other search engines use are changing all the time, and it takes diligence on your part (or that of your marketing team) to tweak where you stand in the rankings.

The digital landscape, like the universe, just keeps on unfolding. Stay ahead of the curve – and if you need some to help you navigate you and your digital presence to your next deal, consider working with an integrated marketing company like Lynx | Digital Media Producers to get you there.

Lynx | Digital Media Producers creates results-driven content and strategies to enhance your customer’s experience of your brand. Contact us today to see how we can put our integrated marketing solutions to work for you today.

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