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With over 1.7 billion daily users, Facebook is THE place to be and THE place to be seen. So how are you differentiating yourself from your peers and your competition on Facebook? Are you simply relying on a logo or a stock photo to convey the entire image of your brand? Or are you bored by the current options available to you through Facebook? Today we’ll look at different ways to use your cover photo creatively and effectively.

50 Creative Facebook Covers to Inspire You (2015 Edition) – Designschool.canva.com

This article showcases 50 different Facebook cover images (with profile pictures) with the rundown of why they work. Some winning suggestions include:

  • Use the Facebook interface layout to your advantage (#23 Find the Right Balance)
  • Feature a color in your color scheme by incorporating a block of that color, then design a killer layout. (#25 Colour Block)
  • Go monochrome for a different approach to the full-color atmosphere of the web (#50 Monochrome is the New Black)

Facebook Timeline Cover: 40 (Really) Creative Examples – hongkiat.com

This article from Hongkiat is fantastic. Alvaris Falcon has found some VERY creative ways that some Facebook users interrelate their cover photos with their profile photos. I love the one of Oliver Elsner (above), but there are 39 others that may also trip your trigger! They even include a template download to make some fun, creative designs on your own!

What I feel is most important about this list is that it showcases people. We can quickly get caught up in the business of branding and forget who the branding is targeting. Ultimately, we want to showcase the people who are creative to the people who desire creativity.

8 Ideas for a Creative Facebook Cover Photo – Marketo.com

The folks over at Marketo don’t miss a beat. We’ve seen several versions of the “align to the right” and “be your own billboard” elements at play in the previous articles. My favorite of their selections would be the reminder to create a call-to-action. This feature can both activate a passive viewer and move them closer to working with you. Not surprisingly (because they are champs) their example is a CTA for one of their past events.

cover photo

Extra points: Animated GIFs

You can easily create and use animated GIFs in posts on your timeline. In fact, this article will walk you through make an animated GIF in Photoshop and this article will prime you on posting animated GIF. However, the problem remains: Facebook converts all GIF uploads to JPEG files. This means that you can’t actually use animated GIFs as cover photos.

A 2016 video from Afsaana claims to show the viewer how to get around the Facebook limitation on animated GIF use. This trick would supposedly allow the user to use existing animated GIF files as cover photos. I really want this trick to work. Currently, the trick can not work. However, you totally get extra points if you find a solution! You and I could have fun putting something like this to work as a cover photo for upcoming shows or events:

cover photo

Have you found a creative way to incorporate animated GIFs – or, really, any super-creative methods – into your cover photos? Join the conversation below and chime in with your suggestions, tips, and ideas.

Thanks for reading. Now get out there and make some waves!

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