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Content Marketing: Never Do These 5 Things

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There are so many “do these things” posts out on the Interwebs. I make them, you’ve probably made them, and Google is full of them. Today I want to caution you about the content marketing activities that people are taking that just make me want to slap my forehead.

Content Marketing Faux Pas

Just post a video whenever

There are well-documented times of the day that work better than others to encourage viewership and interaction. Do not simply post at any old-time out of excitement and ignorance. Post based on who will see it – not simply based on wanting to show it. Your excitement may even wreck your audience’s view of your content. Don’t let your fascination with the interwebs cloud good judgment – and good timing. Good marketing is not a function of whims.

Tell Your Friends to Just Like Your Page (again)

Oh, you have a new page? Ok, cool. Your last 4 really had me enthralled. I’m sure this one will be way better, especially when all you did was post to everyone “Like my page!” It just screams “new-and-improved!”


Do you have anything you can offer your audience or friends? Can you offer some quality content up front? Could you enter them into a raffle or drawing? Can they get a feature on a podcast or a shout out at your next event? Maybe go tit-for-tat: ask them to leave you a link to their page so you and others who see the thread can like their page back. Just don’t stand there like a goofball waiting for the clicks – it doesn’t suit you or your brand, I promise.

Ignore your customer lifetime value

You want to manage your customer relationships well over time. That is a skill set for another blog altogether. Here I just want to remind you that, as the mighty Neil Patel points out about how AdWords can be used poorly, you need to figure that their ongoing value now. Know the value of your customers at onboarding, and know in what ways that relationship can grow. In any case, remember that you won’t retain everyone – and that can often be a good thing in content marketing.

Rely on being friends with someone in order to have your content seen

Facebook algorithms continue to evolve in an attempt to both reflect your interests and influence your viewership. This is happening to everyone. It is no longer likely (nor feasible, nor reliable) that posting something means your friends and/or followers are seeing it. Granted, if all of your followers only follow you (and have no other people or brands vying for their attention) then yes, it is far more likely. Aside from that, you are competing with everything for attention.

Provide content that is relevant and meaningful to your audience. I like to share non-partisan political posts. I personally don’t have any interest in using Facebook as a soapbox. However, if it makes sense for your brand to enter the ring as a legitimate contender for attention (whether to share your view or just rile folks up), that may be just what you should do. Only you know best who you want paying attention to your posts.

Write blog posts without your own voice

I struggle with this one too. How do I keep my natural, authentic voice in my blogs? Often, I simply find ways to share ideas in a way I would just tell someone across from me at a table. If it’s not conversational, it doesn’t need to be on my blog. It really is that simple for me. I’ve been writing our company blog for over a year, and I still try to find new ways to share ideas.

One thing that has really worked for me is to back off the “expert” train. Here’s what I don’t mean by that: I don’t mean that I’m trying to sound like an amateur. I mean that I am actively trying to reduce jargon and other technical terms. I know that the folks I want to reach out to are folks who are intelligent enough to know what they are looking for. They just simply may not know how to get it, how to use it, how to think about it, etc. I aim to have my voice reflect that, as well. This is content marketing, and my (your) voice is part of the content.

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