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Content Marketing: Muhammad Ali’s Legacy Still Lives

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Yet another iconic figure passes away in the year 2016. The great boxer and activist Muhammad Ali died at age 74 on Friday, June 3. Right on cue, social media became flooded with photos of, and quotes from, the inspirational athlete. Words may be insufficient for dealing with the passing of important people in our lives. Memorializing the words of the departed helps with the grieving process. These icons now quickly become memorialized in the social media realm (not to be confused with the Blog-o-sphere) in the form of memes and other graphics. So what is there to learn about content marketing from an unfortunate trend that has become all-too-common in 2016?

The actions make the icon, but not every action is iconic.

It takes swinging out to produce any results. You have to risk losing or looking a fool to risk success. Losing a match was not common for Ali, but certainly contributed to his success. He acted like a champion.  

In content marketing, executing a new campaign can be scary. What is scarier than taking that risk is not even having a chance to produce results when you don’t take the risk. Be willing to make an iconic action, even if it turns into an epic fail.

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

Ali’s legacy is insurmountable. He is revered and referenced for his athleticism, certainly. However, his fortitude and his outspoken personality demonstrate qualities both honored and sought in business and in life. Align yourself, your business and your mission with iconic figures who demonstrate the qualities you wish to convey.  You don’t have to outshine the legends to be legendary yourself – but you could get behind what they stand for. Content marketing gives your audience the chance to know you – let them know your best work and your favorite individuals.

Even in content marketing, legends never die

We remember actions and words of heroes like Ali, said best in the words of Babe Ruth. However, a legacy of Ali’s stature will live on without him. It will be in his friends, in his family, his fans, and in his culture. Let your vision, your mission, your everyday activities become your legacy, and let them all shine through your content marketing strategies, your content, and your clients. Choose those images, those articles, those quotes (memes!) that represent and further develop your brand identity while nurturing your community with added value.

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