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Look. I don’t usually just veg out in front of memes and blog about it. I also don’t usually blog about what I’m blogging about. With that said, I present to you: 6 stellar content marketing memes to make you laugh, potentially think and definitely roll your eyes. Let’s look at how each one has a particular strength in conveying a message quickly.

The scorn of Aragorn

Content Marketing Memes

One does not simply re-phrase a popular quote from a film. One must know the voice of the character used and the context that makes the quote relevant. Most certainly, one must know if spoofs, satire and/or sarcasm are par for the course with one’s target market. The enormous popularity of the Lord of the Rings series helps to assure Aragorn’s presence on the web. Use this meme to break your message down to basics.

Shut ‘er down with Sweet Brown

Content Marketing Memes

This popular meme came to light after this clip aired. The brilliantly eccentric quotes that pour out of this video are amazing. I remember quoting it for days. I also remember how annoyed I was when I first heard other people quote it. This quote factory was a little tricky to take seriously, so pass that sentiment along in any content marketing memes you make that use her likeness!

“Yo Dawg” tops blog

Content Marketing Memes

Before there was Inception, there was the “Yo Dawg” meme. This meme originated in 2007, and has featured countless spoofs since. Xzibit’s laughter both entices and confuses a viewer. Be ready to sound like you’re writing for the “Department of Redundancy Department” by the time you finish.

Bonus: Feline Content Marketing Memes

Business Cat brings ’em in

Content Marketing Memes

The miraculous Business Cat combines the Internet’s favorite animal with a tie and vibrant backdrop. Business Cat is a good choice for being tongue-in-cheek while being matter-of-fact. Use this meme to kindly goad a viewer to a particular outcome.

Grumpy Cat grouses ’em out

Content Marketing Memes

Nothing says “that was a terrible idea” like Grumpy Cat. A frowny-faced cat is strange enough. The infamous face of Tardar Sauce the cat is a next-level meme star at this time. Use this classic meme to blatantly mock an idea that you feel is completely off-base.

Chemistry Cat keeps it real

Content Marketing Memes

Luckily, there’s Chemistry Cat. This meme makes for the perfect combination of factual statement and absurd presentation. You could say something off the wall that seems serious. You could say something 100% on-point that may be immediately disregarded. Either way, you get to match a joyfully odd picture with any statement to quickly convey an eye-catching message.

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