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Content Marketing: I Know You Are, But ROI?

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You can’t turn around without somebody somewhere trying to tell you about (or sell you on) content marketing. Creating content is one thing, but creating an effective content marketing strategy that grows, cultivates, and enhances your customers’ experience of your brand is a whole other beast – and one well worth tackling.  And even if you have your content marketing strategy locked down, do you know your ROI? ROI metrics may seem elusive, but they are attainable. Today, we are going to look at a few different ways to both keep track and stay on track.

Let me just cut right to the chase – don’t suck at marketing. In this article, author Steve Tobak pointedly states “If you don’t measure it, how do you know if it’s delivering a return on investment?” And even then, are you certain that a rise in revenue dollars is a function of any single marketing element or even any single integrated marketing campaign? It’s not hopeless – in fact, measurement is now more accessible than ever.

To start, you may want to estimate your SEO ROI for an imminent campaign, or calculate your actual ROI. So where can your content marketing ROI metrics come from? Let’s look:

Track your content.

Monitor where all of your content is being hosted, posted, and embedded. Begin to monitor:

  1. What – video, blog, link
  2. Who – user demographic, affiliate info (e.g. multiple viewers from a single company)
  3. How – mobile vs desktop, engagement (e.g. likes, shares, comments)
  4. Where – location on page, site associated (e.g. viewed from your website / YouTube / partner site?)
  5. When – time of day viewed, length of time viewed (e.g. are more folks watching longer at 3PM or 3AM?)
  6. Why – keyword search, prior content viewed (e.g. was the viewer coming from searching Google, or referred by another article/blog)

Track your feedback.

Nothing gives you a more direct, clear, honest picture of how your audience and your customers view you than direct feedback. This feedback could be in many forms: a reply to your blog (as you can do below), a Facebook share of your video, an e-mail complaint sent right to the CEO, or a request for a proposal. Each of these offers a picture of a person who is (or could be) a prospect or partner in the marketplace. Keep track of all of these forms of feedback, likely  in a CRM or some other manner of managing (and monitoring) customer relationships.

I highly advise you to use non-interruptive prompts to provide feedback once a transaction / service is complete. By being non-interruptive, I mean don’t require feedback, and don’t interrupt someone’s workflow / browsing just for feedback. However, kindly asking for feedback within a digital invoice or receipt gives you access to the customer’s immediate relationship with you and your brand. It’s here you can include a question that asks how they found out about the product or service they selected!

Track your interactions.

To continue down the CRM advocacy route, keep track of your replies and other interactions. Content can be any form of branded media making contact with your customer. This could be a department head, a secretary, a contractor, a vendor – anyone who claims to be affiliated with your brand. The interactions provided by your brand also give a sense of brand “voice,” so be particular about how that voice is heard. You can also monitor whether the customer was asked how they heard about the product or service you provide that is of interest to them.

Tracking these elements will start to give you a realistic sense of who is related to you – and how. Have you had success in using other forms of tracking ROI? Please share with the Lynx community below!


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