Content Marketing Ideas: 10 Suggestions to Drive Engagement

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A quick Google search will show you there is no shortage of content marketing ideas on the Internet. What’s the best part about ideas? You can never have enough. On top of that, not every idea is the best, and not every good idea is always useful. If you’re interested in truly connecting with the people in your market, you’ve got to get creative – and clever. Among so many great content marketing ideas, here are 10 more to try on:

The Riff on today’s date

Combine peoples’ love for trivia with their personal favorites. Remind fans what happened on this date, and tie it in with your brand. Most importantly, make it widely accessible.

Example: Today’s date is the anniversary of the “Rumble in the Jungle,” one of the most watched sporting events of all time. I was a fight between legendary heavyweight boxers George Foreman and Muhammad Ali and Ali famously beat Foreman in 8 rounds of boxing history. You could share a picture with a line about strength, or about excellence… or you could put a little extra love into it and quote the respect that Foreman had for Ali later in life: George Foreman: Everything America should be, Muhammad Ali is.”

Look up other references to your brand image / logo / colors

Your fans might be curious what had you pick the colors you use for your logo. Give them some insight into your choice, or even about color theory itself. Who are some other major contenders in business that utilize some of your brand’s design features?

Share a recipe

Food is universally appealing. However, people are more fickle about their ingredients. Share a favorite holiday recipe, make the recipe, and find a creative way to showcase your brand in that recipe..!

Share your best / most unique office tool

Is it your computer server? Your multi-colored pen? Your auto-stapler? Better yet: do you have something that gets used the most that you can give a quick nod to? What do you have in your office that could be featured in a weekly “Post with the most?”

Other companies / brands that share your vision / mission

 What other brands share your vision statement and/or mission statement? Take a look through this article from Hubspot, and look through these examples from game-winning companies. Make the connection between these successful brands and your own. “Great minds think alike!”

Share photos from a recent employee outing or game

Reinforce your commitment to your team. Just keep the beer pitchers out of the frame…

Share photos and images of places that say or express your brand name

Imagine: the Kellogg’s company shares artistic photos of “Kellogg” city/street signs from around the country. Starbucks posts a picture of dollar bill origami in the shape of a star. What clever way could you share an image of your brand today?

Share an inspiring video from someone who was born / died on this day

Legends continue to inspire throughout their lifetime (and beyond.) Check out a few of these sites for great figures to reference:

With content marketing ideas, don’t be political; be relatable. 

Instead of bashing on a presidential candidate and attaching 42 great reasons why their presidency will ruin your family, share a picture of your family enjoying their time together and say “Family is important to us, and we’re sure it’s the same for you.” Make more friends for your brand than enemies of it.

Send a newsletter in a newsletter

Want content marketing ideas outside of social media? What about your newsletter? If you have a partner or a favorite company whose newsletter you receive, include a link to it in your next mailing next to a great quote or photo from it. That will reinforce your expert view that newsletters are important and promotes a favorite brand. Who’s gonna lose with a little cross-promotion action?

Other ideas

Today’s article was designed to get you thinking. Want to dig in deeper with more great content marketing ideas? We recommend these articles from the folks at HubSpot and Supersimpl:

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