Microphones: Best Choices for Live Presentation or Video Webcast

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The staggering array of microphones available today can be overwhelming to someone who is not an audio expert. However, understanding a few basic principles of microphone design and application can make picking the right one for your situation pretty easy. All microphones either pick up sound from all directions (omnidirectional) or have a specific directional pickup pattern. The main directional patterns …

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Music Webcasting – What Does it Take to Get it Right?

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If you are planning music webcasting of a live performance, the quality of the audio is CRITICAL. Many video producers relegate audio to a secondary status, especially in their pre-production planning. This may work out for ordinary video production where things can be ‘fixed in the mix’ in post-production. However, there is simply no room for error during a music …

Video Streaming

Video Streaming vs. Video Conferencing

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Confused about all the different options for integrating live video into your events? The number of options out there is staggering and growing every day, everything from video streaming to video conferencing. But as long as you are clear about what you are trying to accomplish, and what features are essential for you, it is not that hard to find …

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Should I stream live event video?

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When you begin planning an event in which you want to involve video cameras, the question will undoubtedly arise: “should we stream this event video?” Streaming, aka webcasting, is a popular method of delivering nearly real-time broadcasts of an event across the Internet. It is immensely useful in one-time-only scenarios, like a quarterly or annual update from the top brass …

Why to Hire a Video Production Team for your Event

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The choice to hire a production team to film your next event is becoming more pressing – and more promising – as we start to look forward into 2016. The option to either webcast (stream) your live event, or just capture live and edit the video footage, is in mind in almost any conversation about a company’s digital presence. With …

At the Epicenter Arise Webcast

How To Make Your Webcast Memorable

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Lynx recently had the pleasure of producing a 75-minute webcast for Boulder non-profit At The Epicenter at the 2015 Arise Festival. This webcast is one of a series of conversations among “conscious creatives,” produced by At The Epicenter executive director Seleyn DeYarus. The conversation, held amid a panel of Colorado entrepreneurs and led by DeYarus, began to generate buzz and further action among panelists and …

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A Day in the Life at the Nutrition and Health Conference

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This week I’m in Phoenix for the 12th Annual Nutrition & Health Conference.  I’m working with long-time Lynx affiliate ConferenceRecording.com, supporting the audio and video recording of the incredible speakers invited to the conference.  It’s my job to ensure that the 700+ attendees have the opportunity to take home HD video and/or broadcast-quality audio of once-in-a-lifetime, cutting-edge presentations from top …