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Music Webcasting – What Does it Take to Get it Right?

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If you are planning music webcasting of a live performance, the quality of the audio is CRITICAL. Many video producers relegate audio to a secondary status, especially in their pre-production planning. This may work out for ordinary video production where things can be ‘fixed in the mix’ in post-production. However, there is simply no room for error during a music …

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Content Marketing: I Know You Are, But ROI?

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You can’t turn around without somebody somewhere trying to tell you about (or sell you on) content marketing. Creating content is one thing, but creating an effective content marketing strategy that grows, cultivates, and enhances your customers’ experience of your brand is a whole other beast – and one well worth tackling.  And even if you have your content marketing …

Video camera operator

Should I stream live event video?

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When you begin planning an event in which you want to involve video cameras, the question will undoubtedly arise: “should we stream this event video?” Streaming, aka webcasting, is a popular method of delivering nearly real-time broadcasts of an event across the Internet. It is immensely useful in one-time-only scenarios, like a quarterly or annual update from the top brass …

Video camera operator

How to shoot a successful interview video

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An effective interview can set your subject (especially one representing a brand, company, artist, or idea) apart from the rest powerfully. It’s also a very common and easily relatable format. However, as with most things that are common, an interview can be done well just as easily as poorly. Here are a few pointers on conducting an effective video interview. …

Colbert Keeps Brand Alive in Continuation of Late Show Legacy

Keeping the Colbert Brand Alive on “The Late Show”

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I simply adore Stephen Colbert’s public persona.  I don’t know the guy, but I feel the level of engagement and entertainment the man has demonstrated in both his former “The Colbert Report” show character and his new role as the host of “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” is marvelous.  Colbert can jump from absurd to poignant on a dime. …

What the Final Grateful Dead Shows Could Mean for You #Dead50 #FareTheeWell

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I was born to a Deadhead, although the passion for the music of the Grateful Dead did not gestate in me until my early 20s. Tonight, I had the privilege of watching a webcast of their “final show” tonight at the Boulder Theater in Boulder, CO – and it blew me away. Between bouts of misty eyes, I was transfixed …

How to Evoke the Best Mood in Your Images With Color Temperature

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Contrary to what our eyes might say, and if you will pardon the pun, light is not just a matter of black and white. One thing I have learned in my ventures into photography and videography, as a creative pursuit, is that there is no “wrong” way to use lighting. There are certainly ways that are more or less appropriate …

What Does Font Mean?

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Our modern world, with all of its high-tech devices and ubiquitous signs, is visually-driven. Simply look at the places where text lives: reports, contracts, websites, signs, fliers, business cards, and on it goes. When you begin to really look at the words themselves, you’ll start to see another world open up – the world of the font, which is the manner in …

Brandon Hagen | Director of Client Relations

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Hagen brings to Lynx a musician’s ear and a flair for novel approaches to the success of client projects.  His background is in music performeance, concert and studio audio engineering, and video production. Hagen’s keen sense of crunch-time breakthroughs prompted by stiff concert timelines translates to a reliable team leader for your project needs.  Hagen’s focus is on clarity, communication, and …