big data

Big data: What do all those numbers mean for business?

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Have you started to notice that what you see on Facebook is getting fairly…predictable? I don’t mean the topics – we’ve all seen some unpredictable stories recently. (Can we put a hold on the number of iconic musicians passing, please?!) I mean the type of post, the people / page’s posting, the frequency of posting, etc. How do we end …

Video audience

Video Audience: Get Real.

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Content is king. There, I said it up front, so you weren’t waiting to see if I would blindside you with it later. In integrated marketing, the statement “content is king” holds a lot of water – but not all of the water. You will benefit from getting savvy to timing, location, method, and audience.  These are just some of …

Who Should Do My SEO?

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Are you sick of hearing those three letters yet?  SEO (search engine optimization) is in a somewhat revered category when it comes to the mechanics of digital marketing. Sure, SEO provides a refined road map for search engines to comb through your content and easily retrieve the most relevant information depending on the keywords searched for, and yes this is …

Don’t Get Tricked by White Hat Wannabes in SEO

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An e-mail was forwarded on to me this week endorsing the use of “Artificial Intelligence SEO” and hits1k-dot-com (I won’t write out the link, because I’m not giving this dude the traffic). Help wanted I am the creator of a new technology able to produce unlimited traffic and leads for any business. 1. I need help to replace myself as …

Solutions | SEO

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Social media and the 87 billion online searches that occur every month are a perfect place to get new customers. But how does one tap this unlimited opportunity?  One of the most important ways is through strong SEO. Lynx begins with studying the profile of your audience and your competitors.  Then, using our analytics tools we create an SEO marketing …