Integrated Marketing

Integrated Marketing – New Playground For Effective Engagement

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Have you ever asked yourself something like “Why in the world is ‘integrated marketing’ a good idea?” Considering you are reading this article, and barring that it is an accident that you’re here, my guess is you’ve had a thought like that. With many different marketing channels to pursue, learn, and bring together, integrated marketing can look like a daunting …

Conference Recording

A Day in the Life at the Nutrition and Health Conference

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This week I’m in Phoenix for the 12th Annual Nutrition & Health Conference.  I’m working with long-time Lynx affiliate, supporting the audio and video recording of the incredible speakers invited to the conference.  It’s my job to ensure that the 700+ attendees have the opportunity to take home HD video and/or broadcast-quality audio of once-in-a-lifetime, cutting-edge presentations from top …

Video camera operator

5 Simple Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Next Event

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From the simplest Q&A to a full-fledged weeklong conference, events that your company puts together to reach new audiences and interact with existing ones are powerful steps forward for your company.  Knowing that the event will be handled is the most critical part of its success, much more than knowing how.  Here are five basic steps to create a great working relationship with your …