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5 Cliffhanger Statements That May Ruin Your Next Event

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Are you the organizer or manager of an upcoming event? You likely already have 700 things you’re worrying about. You are also just as likely looking for any reason you can find to offload the tasks and subtasks at hand to any qualified candidate. But that can be the problem: is the candidate qualified, or is the solution? Today we …

Solutions | Audio

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Great audio production values are often overlooked or given lower priority when creating visual content. This can be a big mistake, because poor audio reduces the credibility and impact of your message. A potential customer or client who views a video presentation with sub-par audio is given a strong subconscious message that something is ‘not right’, even if they don’t …

David “Pepé” Litman | Director of Logistics

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All of his life Pepé has been fascinated with music and audio technology. After studying acoustics and recording engineering, He spent over 10 years working in studios in Massachusetts and the San Francisco area, while also working for a number of sound companies, and doing concert sound for numerous groups and solo artists such as Chick Corea/Return to Forever; John …