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Create Video Content That is Compelling, Not Fluffy

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I love conversations that focus on creating new, creative content. It’s exciting to brainstorm new ideas, but the temptation to try every new idea that comes up can be distracting, for both you and your viewers. Today I want to look at what to consider when creating compelling video content.

My background is in music performance and concert audio engineering, all the while learning and experimenting with new video techniques as they fit into those roles. For example, in a band I once played in, we had created ink-in-water content similar to this video (of course our work was several years before the 1080p HD standard, let alone 4K video). We then used it as a projected backdrop behind our band. It was simple, cost-efficient, and engaging – a perfect fit for a live band! But what about content that engages the viewer without them leaving their computer or mobile device?

The other side of this is capturing video of an event or performance, and cutting it to demonstrate the brand or artist. I began work on a video series called Colorado Secret Stages several years ago. We created 9 sessions of great Colorado musicians performing at unique locations around the state. We are currently reframing the series to be newly appealing to both viewers and talent.

Why this is important is twofold: 1) we get to work with talent that is in need of content, exposure, and lasting collateral. It is a service that we provide in-house, that we enjoy, and we can charge a market-friendly rate for the work. And 2) we get to provide our own viewers (and those of the featured talent) with content that is viable, valuable, and brand-friendly. It becomes a portfolio piece for us, marketing collateral for the artist, and shareable content for the fans. Plus – it’s fun to do!

Event / performance production is distinct from promotional video production. I recently wrote about the value of the promotional video we produced for non-profit incubator Social Venture Partners. In this, I write about how promotional video can (and should) be the first step for brands that otherwise lack engaging content that conveys what their brand is.

Your goal in video creation ought to be original content that does four things:

  1. Embody your brand – use brand colors, taglines and other elements of your brand to demonstrate your brand through visual and/or auditory cues and is a match for what you want the public to know about you. (e.g. If you’re not a super-flashy company, don’t make a super-flashy video.)
  2. Convey a message clearly  – it is frustrating to be confused or unclear about what is unfolding in a video. Be precise, concise, and thorough in the message you are trying to convey in your video.
  3. Engage the viewer – as with any content, it is your job to entertain, inform, and/or inspire your audience. Make your video accessible. This means logistically through reliable media hosting like YouTube or Vimeo (poor connections result in diminishing returns for your viewers) and stylistically by producing content your target audience would find interesting. The key here: compelling content is compelling to them, not you.  Let them know what to expect, and deliver that.
  4. Treat video as a distinct media – you aren’t creating website copy, a blog post, or an image meme here. This is video – a hybrid of audio and visual elements that is intended to hold a viewer’s attention span and deliver the goods in the process. Treat your content – and your viewers – with a kind of respect that has them relate to you as video experts.

What experience have you had with creating your own video content? How about your experience watching the original content of other brands? Let us know below.

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