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Digital – [dij-i-tl]

The first touch point for nearly all consumers when engaging with a brand is digital media.  Creating value and utility for your customers through digital media is what we do.  Lynx develops engaging content designed to communicate your brand to your audience across multiple digital platforms.

It is our job to help you understand, define and meet your customers’ expectations through the development of appropriate media.

Media – [mee-dee-uh]

Media consists of content. Content is where consumers derive value.  The impact of your branding message is enhanced when content is perceived as valuable and relevant.

Lynx continues to evolve in the changing world of media, through the use of unique and cutting-edge content delivered across multiple channels.  Our goal is to enhance your customers’ engagement with your brand to help your business succeed!

Producers – [pruhdoo-ser, –dyoo-]

Here at Lynx we are all producers in our individual areas of expertise. Initiating and coordinating all aspects of media production can be stressful for any enterprise.  Letting us take this on results in an enjoyable creative process for you, and a compelling experience for your customers.


Imagine being able to manage all aspects of your site using a live previewer so you can see exactly how that logo, font, or content layout will look before your publish. Now you can. Here’s how it works…

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If you want personal attention, exactly what you have asked for and in the timeline you were promised, call Mike! I could not be more happy with my website. Thank you so much Mike, Brandon and the Lynx Team.
Janet PorterfieldFounderPorterfield Real Estate Group

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